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BSS Peace Mission is a division of Bharat Sevak Samaj, National Development Agency, Promoted by Government of India.

BSS Peace Mission was established to enable people to lead a peaceful life. It is a known fact that people are living in a stressful situation due to various pressures and problems which leads to lot of Psychological imbalances and Health Hazards. Children are over burdened with academic pressure, working people are overburdened with heavy work load, Medical professionals are serving round the clock which reduces their Life Span, Many diverse are being reported in recent days due to very minor issues and young people suffer with depression and admitted in rehabilitation centres, Many Family Suicidal are being reported due to family problems or financial problems.

These lives could be saved if they are counseled in time or treated psychologically with Stress Release Exercise, YOGA, Relaxation Therapy, and Massage Therapy with Spiritual Meditation. But it is true that we lack professionals to assist such people to manage stress, Psychological imbalance and other personal issues.
Bharat Sevak Samaj had established BSS Peace Mission to address this important issue.

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